FM Whatsapp Latest Version || Download Mod Apk || For Android – V(8.05)

FM Whatsapp Latest Version :-To download fmwhatsapp, read this article carefully and follow the steps we talk about, everything in this article talks about FM Whatsapp which will help you to install it in your Andoroid device & Smart Tv .

FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version

What is FM Whatsapp ?

FM Whatsapp is quite a famous apk which is a modified version of whatsapp. This app is developed by Fouad Mokdad (developer of Fouad Apps) .This fm whatspp has a lot of features as compared to whatsapp, you can customize it according to your wish, which people use the FM Whatsapp for the same like changing the theme layout. Changing all this is easily done in fmwhatsapp. There are a lot of additional features of this FM Whatsapp which we have discussed about it below.

FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version

Why use FM Whatsapp ?

We use FM WhatsApp because it has a lot of features compared to official whatsapp and we do enjoy these features like you can change your theme in WhatsApp, you can change the icon of WhatsApp for many such features. You can take advantage that is not available in official WhatsApp. Below are many features that you can enjoy FM Whatsapp, we need FM Whatsapp only. Minister when we have a problem Official Whatsapp or then we would need to do all these things.


FM Whatsapp App Info

APP NameFM Whatsapp
App Size52 MB
App Type
MOD (Whatsapp)
Developer Fouad Mods

FM Whatsapp Features

  • Customization: you’ll get obviate the boring inexperienced color layout by dynamical the layout color of your own alternative.
  • You can conjointly add your own custom theme or apply from the gathering of thousands of themes.
  • It is conjointly doable to vary the icon color of the appliance mistreatment the new FMWhatsApp Apk.
  • Privacy: you’ll conjointly add Privacy tweaks like concealing last seen the standing, etc.
  • You can conjointly disable video line options yet as blue ticks and double ticks standing too.
  • FM WhatsApp enables you to secure your application with its own integral App Lock feature.
  • Exclusive: FM WhatsApp offers you a capability wherever you’ll send a message to anyone while not saving their mobile variety.
  • WhatsApp permits you to Pin three chats whereas mistreatment FM WhatsApp you’ll pin down to one hundred chats.
  • FMWhatsApp Apk conjointly enables you to amendment the colours of teams you’ve got, helps to search out the teams simply.
  • Security: the foremost charmed feature of the applications is its integral App lock. Yeah, you’ll lock your WhatsApp while not mistreatment any third-party App Lock.
  • This application conjointly permits you to secure language by adding a PIN to any explicit chats.
  • Limits Increased: FMWhatsApp conjointly permits you to send the message to a bunch of five hundred folks promptly.
  • You can conjointly send up to sixty pictures promptly to anyone.


FM Whatsapp Latest Version

How To Install FM Whatsapp?

Step 1- After downloading FM Whatsapp, you will first go to your settings, then after that you will go to Security and enable Unknown Source.

FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version

Step2-Then you have to go to your download file and install FM Whatsapp latest version , follow the picture below.

FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version

Step3:-Your FM WhatsApp will start from easy, now you enter your number and create your account and then enjoy FM Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp Latest Version
FM Whatsapp Latest Version


You will know about Whatsapp and you will know that there is a difference between FM whatsapp and officaial whatsapp, however if seen, whatsapp does not give its user as much discount as whatsapp gives FM whatsapp has many features which you Can not control according to our own but the users of FM Whatsapp have been given complete freedom to control everything according to their own. FM Whatsapp latest Version

I told you everything about FM WhatsApp, got you started with your FM WhatsApp and also gave the download link from which you can download FM Whatsapp latest version for free. I tried my best to tell you about FM whatsapp.

Thanks for reading


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